Barney, just about to eat a victim.

Barney is a mutated dinosuar who enjoys killing kids.

Orgin Edit

Barney was once an average child until his mother and father killed each other with a bomb. Barney was was affected by the bomb by becoming a mutant dinosaur ans he killed all his friends and found joy of killing children.

The Dark ages Edit

In 1153 people think Barney is so violent he becomes a wanted person. Marvel keeps him in hiding, and they ketp his series going.

Replacement Edit

In 1160 Barney barly made any money and was replaced by Thor. This meant that Marvel killed Barney.

Remade Edit

In 2300 Barney was brought back to life by DH. DH then got millons of dollars for Barney. In 2313 Barney was sent to kill the Sulk in DH Barney comic 183,90. After the battle the Sulk was defeated, but was actually alive, and then Barney attacked again. The Sulk then retreated to the Moon. Marvel was going out of business when Barney bought Marvel and was no longer on DH.

Rich Edit

Barney becomes rich from owning Marvel and has cloned himself and made a Barney empire to have his grip on Marvel.

Rebellion Edit

In 2333 Marvel rebeled against Barney which caused the Rebel Wars. Marvel defeated Barney and Barney was now owned by Marvel and its empire.

T.V. show Edit

DH made Barney make his T.V. show: Barney and Friends he eats.