The Bulk

The Bulk is the Sulk's lesser known brother. The Bulk and the Sulk were once the same but once Bravid reduced the gamma, they were different. In 1947, the Bulk attacked to test his stenghth by lifting the Statue of Liberty. He failed and the statue fell on him, which caused brain damage. He was in a coma for 45 years. He was then put in a mental hospital but the Terroist comics saved him and said he should get revenge on America for putting him in there.

Worst enemy Edit

The Bulk's worst enemy is the Sulk for getting all the fame. The Bulk first tried to kill him in Incredible Sulk episode 300,20. After his failure he hired assassins to kill him. Him and his assains were releived when the Sulk was killed by The fantastic 800.

Fame Edit

After his brother's death the Bulk has gotten all the fame his brother has. He no longer needs to be in terroist comics illegally- he now has his own comic book series. And two movies just released about him.

Death Edit

In Revengers comic war 2 the Sulk kills the Bulk.

Apperances Edit