Orgin Edit

It all started when the big Dark Castle apperaed and Weakman was created and other super heros. They call it DC because it stands for Dark Castle.

Transformation Edit

The DC universe becomes the DH universe.

Near destruction Edit

In 2170 the dark castle is attacked by the Rising Heros. Which is lead by Super Weakman. The castle was blown up and DH comics no longer had new heros or barly any new episodes. So the government was going to shut it down bought Rising heros bought it. The DH chacters go in hiding and are wanted. They have never made apperances in anything.

Rebirth Edit

In 2199 a giant banna attacks and kills Super Weakman. A shortage of comics come out. They are th en attacked by Marvel in the Last war of the century. Marvel destroys half of there men. Risi ng heros retreats to Spain and the DH return.