Do not look dirrectly at him.

Elmo is the Unclone of Barney. Elmo loves children but likes enslaving adults and killing animals for fun. Instead of being purple he is red. And instead of being a dinosaur he is a mutated creature. Elmo was made in 1102.

The Fight Edit

Elmo and Barney fought in Marvel Comics 230. Barney defeated Elmo. And he left him bloody on the ground.

Elmo's Revenge Edit

When the Barney wars occured Elmo joined the Child Protecters, and he was second in command. Elmo fought Barney many times in the war and lost each time but once. The first battle they had Elmo was in a battle with Barney and the Child Protecters had to retreat so Elmo left Barney half alive. And when Barney was replaced Elmo was happy.

The Dictator Edit


Elmo, laughing after doing bad stuff.

In 1234 Elmo hytmatizes the King to make him King. Elmo is then the King and orders all animals killed and all adults enslaved. But a rockband that is drunkenn called the Teletubbies forced Elmo out the office. Elmo is sad.

Kids as leaders Edit

In 1235 Elmo said there should be a kid as a ruler. The government does not agree and puts Elmo in jail for 500 years.

As an Assassin Edit

When Elmo was freed he sets out to kill the Teletubbies but fails many times.

Unfamiler Edit

The new world is not familar with Elmo. He does not know what a movie is. Until he finds out his destiny.

Destiny Edit

Elmo's destiny is to become a movie star he sadly fails and in 1945 he trys to do sucide but the Sulk stops him. And then the rest of Elmo's future vanishes.