Oh no!!!!!!! is an episode of the The incredible Sulks dull adventures

Summary Edit

Mr. Mcgee11: Have you seen the Sulk anywhere, Dr. Bravid Banner?
Dr. Bravid Banner: Your newspaper is only inerested in reporting murder , horoscopes, and U.F.Os.
Mr. Mcgee11: What? I don't have a newspaper. Oh no!!!!!!!

Mr Mcgee11 runs to find the Sulk. However, the Sulk's location is currently unknown. Meanwhile, Dr. Bravid Banner stubbed his toe, and he quickly became tthe Sulk. He started destroying the building he was in. Then Mr. Mcgee11 came.

Mr. Mcgee11: Oh no!!!!!!! Dr. Bravid Banner was in there!

The Sulk jumps and it lands on another building. Mr. Mcgee11 calls the army, and they came quickly.

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