This happened 2004.


Beginning Edit

Platinum Man, Bulk and Fantastic One do not want the Sulk on the Revengers but Sub Mariner Man and Rick Jones Man want him on. So they have a war!. They have sides: the Confederates ruled by Bulk, and the Union ruled by Sulk.

Final Battle Edit

They have their final battle in Manhatten, NYC where the Sulk fought the Bulk and made him knocked out. The Confederates then retreat to Mexico as fugitives from the law.

Aftermath Edit

The Revengers are no more now just the Union and Confederates. The Confederates are seen in illegal issues of Terroist comics. The Union is at its golden age with Union comics there was also a Union movie.

Sequel Edit

There was another war between the Confederates and the Union in Revengers comic War 2.