This came out 2007.

Revengers war

Begining Edit

XCaptain America was in hiding thought to be dead. He now shows himself when he is needed the the most. The Confederates have gotten The fantastic 800 on their side to destroy the Union. He joins the Union.

Sulk vs Bulk Edit

Close to the final battle the Sulk and Bulk fight. The Sulk make the Bulk so said he dies. This battle accured in Boston. The Bulks death is found out by the Confederates shortly after when Platinum-Man finds out about his death. He wants the Sulk died more then he ever has bef ore.

Bombing Edit

The Union goes to Hollywood to be safe from the bombing of the Confederates in Boston. The Co nfederates find them in Hoollywood. They then bomb there Rick Jones man and Sub-Mariner man are killed by the bombs. The Sulk and XCaptain America escape to France.

Final battle Edit

The Confederates follow them to France. Platinum-Man and The fantastic 800 fight. The Sulk and XCaptain America. Somehow a bomb explodes and the Sulk and XCaptain America vanish.

Aftermath Edit

The Confederates claim victory and takeover America and rename it Confederate Terroitory.136. The fantastic 800 kill Fantastic One.

A New comic company Edit

DC rise with the Destructive league of America to takeover Confederate Terroity.136. All Revengers must ally to win the Un-War.