Orgin Edit

Dr. Bravid Banner was an angry child child always destroying things. When he turned twenty he wanted to get less angry so he removed 11111111111111111111111111111111111111222222222222233333333334444444455556677899999 gamma rays. After he relized he did nothing but when he got sad a transformation occured, this made him the incredible Sulk.

Worst enemy Edit

His first villain was Mr. Mcgee11, and he wanted to track him down and make him happy but the Sulk made Mr. Mcgee11 so sad he nearly died.

Death Edit

The Sulk was killed by The fantastic 800 in his latest comic strip: The incredible Sulk:5000,390,80.


After his death, the Sulk was reborn as a zombie and wants revenge on The fantastic 800. He also wanted revenge on America. He later joined the Revengers. Thr Fantastic One and the Bulk wanted him off the Revengers while the others did not. This caused a war in the revengers. This occured in the Revengers comic War!

Apperances Edit

The Sulk's first apperance was The incredible Sulk movie. Next came the Incredible Sulk comics. Then a tv show named The incredible Sulks dull adventures. Next came more Sulk movies.