Sulk driving is the first episode of The incredible Sulks dull adventures.

Summary Edit

Script 1Edit

It was an average day for Dr. Bravid Banner until a car hits him. He crys from the pain and becomes the incredible Sulk. He starts throwing a tempertatamtrum and crys. The person runs out of the car afraid. The Sulk then starts driving. However, he wasn't very good at driving since his hands were huge, so the steering wheel got crushed. Then Mr. Mcgee11 was standing nearby.

Mr. Mcgee11: Whoa! What was that?

The Sulk then jumps out of the car.

The Sulk: I am... THE SULK!!!
Mr. Mcgee11: AHHHHH!

Mr. Mcgee11 starts running rapidly. The Sulk jumps really high and lands on a office building.

Script 2Edit

Four hours later the Sulk is still rampaging, the police come after the Sulk smashed several office buildings. The police shot bullets at the Sulk, but they were unsuccesful, as they got smashed by then.

Mr. Mcgee11: That's it!

Mr. Mcgee11 grabs his Minature-Rocket Luanher, and luanches a rocket at the Sulk. It exploded, despite the fact it wasn't succesful. It made the Sulk fall down though. The Sulk got very sad, and it grew even more powerful. Right now, Mr. Mcgee11 found out it's weakness: happyness. He then grabbed his Mega Feather Machine, which was aa tickling mchine. Itstarted ticklng the Sulk, and the Sulk realized that it was getting weaker and weaker. The Sulk quickly ran away. In the middle of a neighborhood, Dr. David Banner faints, while the police and Mr. Mcgee11 are clueless where it is.


  • This is the first episode of the series.