Orgin Edit

The fantastic 800 started out as 800 leprechans who wanted back there Lucky Charms. So they all joined together to get back their Lucky Charms but they all were stomped on and came back to life as zombie leprechans. The only member to have retired is the Fantastic One.

Villain Edit

Their main villan is Dr. Dolittle who is incharge of Stealing Luck Charms army. He first tried to destroy the fantastic 800 in Fantastic 800:1 Attack of Dr. Dolittle.

Interaction with other chaceters Edit

The fantastic 800 is known for attempting killing people who eat lucky charms. The people are:

Apperances Edit

The fantastic 800 first appeared in Fantastic 800 comics. Then the popular Fantastic 800: Death to Lucky Charm eaters . Then the comics were cancelled and replaced by Fantastic 800 movies.

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