Go Hulk


The incredible Sulk television show started in 1961, the age of darkness for the Sulk. The fantastic 800 seued him for eating illegal Lucky Charms. After the Sulk's brother Timmy died, the Sulk got his money and the Sulk's T.V. show began. However, it wasn't very popular, so the show made its final episode in the second season.

Theme song Edit

Mwhahahaha! The Sulk! Sulk, haha, Sulk!

Sad, hahaha, Sulk. Mwhahahahahahahahahaha the Sulk!

Plot Edit

The Sulk is on the run from Mr. Mcgee11 who has allied with The fantastic 800. The Sulk sometimes runs into people who he joins like XCaptain America.

Season 1 Edit

Season 2 Edit