Orgin Edit

The Ulk is the Sulk and Bulk combined. He is really angry and sad. He was first in the Un-War but in the Un-War2 the Ulk is not uncombined. He runs off and is captured by DC the Ulk is then in the DC universe.

Changes Edit

DC made the Ulk very different. They made destroyed his memory and made him on the Peace orginazation. The Ulk was being enslaved. He has a burnt DC on his arm.

Popularty Edit

The Ulk made DC very popular and famous all the members who quite and went to Marvel went back. Dc soon become more popular then Marvel and the DC age begun.

Escape Edit

20 years of the DC age went on. While DC tried to get Marvel shut down. It finally was and all of Marve chacters wee going to be killed but while the distraction accured the Ulk escaped and joine d Marvel. The government liked the Ulk so they did not want him dead Marvel was then unshutdown.

Marvel life Edit

The Ulk was now happy on Marvel and for a year got his own Marvel comic book series. What he did not kno w that he was training for the Un-World War. The war that should end DC.

Uncombination Edit

After the Un-World War when DC and Marvel joined together to have peace. The Ulk was then in 2045 back to the Sulk and Bulk.

Apperances Edit

The Ulk was first in the Un-War then the second. In 2021 he was kidnapped by DC and was in Peace orginazation:comics In 2030 DC bought HOllywood so the Ulk could be in a movie. The incredible Ulk movie. He then got a tv series which ran tell 2035. He then got a comic book series called Ulk comics. 2040 he was in DC heros about being a good hero. He then was saved by Marvel in 2045 and got his own Marvel comic series Ulk Marvel comics. He then wa s in the Un-World War. Then after it ended 2048 the Ulk was split back into the Sulk and Bulk.