This happened 2020.
Revengers vs Dc


Beginning Edit

The Sulk and XCaptain America were turned into to dust from the bomb. The Confederates desperate for help brought them back to human form. The Sulk then useda happy ray to bring the Bulk to life. Then Shadow-Man comes ad they all ally to destroy the Destructive League of America.

Members Edit


XCaptain America

Platinum Man




Destructive League of America:



Pooper Woman


Gray Lantern

Final Battle Edit

The Final battle occurs in Washington Dc. The Sulk and Bulk combine together as the Ulk. The Revengers make the Destructive League of America retreat back to DC.

Aftermath Edit

The Sulk and Bulk are uncombined. THe united states army made the revenger retreat to England.

Sequel Edit

THe battlle of America comes again but all Marvel and DC will fight. Un-War2.

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