Weak man

The guy with the glasses is him the other guy is please rent,his normal self.

Orgin Edit

Weakman was created by DC. He was the first DC chacter. He was biten by a raidoactive weak person. So whenever he wants to he can become Weakman.

Destructive league of America Edit

Weakman is the founder of the Destructive league of America. Who object is to destroy the Revengers and takeover America. They have takenover America in the DC age. That was the Un-War 3 the last Un-War. Weakman in 2056 was having trying to convince DC to end the alla ince with Marvel. They did not agree and tried to kill Weakman. So weakman ran for hiding and is s een in Ilegal terroist comics. Hatman takeover the Destructive league of America.

DC war Edit

In 2068 DC is turned against eachother by Weakman. They all accused eachother of murdering Hatman but Weakman did that. He was mad at DC for tying to kill him. After the war DC split into two companys one remained DC. The other became DH. For needing more superheros DH offers Weakman a job.

DH vs DC and Marvel Edit

In 2074 the New Detructive league of America owned by DH. Bombs DC and which elimanates the Destructive league of America. A war occurs DH vs DC and Marvel. The UnCivl-War. At the end DC surenders to DH and DC becomes DH.

Fighting Sulk Edit

In 2083 the Sulk attacks Weakman and thought he killed him but he did not. This occurs in Sulk comic 888,333,999,999,888,9.

Death Edit

In 20100 the Sulk attacks Weakman again and kills him in Weakman movie:72

Legacy Edit

Weakmans son still lives on his legacy. His name is Super Weakman.

Apperances Edit

In 2019 Weakman has Old Weakman comics which only lasted two episodes he then was in the Destructive league of America. But when Marvel defeated DC in Un-War2. Weakman was forgotten until 2031 DC had money to put him in Weakman movie. He then got Weakman tv show. Until 2048 he got New Weakman comics. Then 2068 he was in ilegal terroist comics. He was then in DH comics. In 2074 he got Weakman movie 2. In 2087 he got Newest Weakman comics.