See the skull, that's him.

Orgin Edit

XCaptain America was Captain America for an hour. Until XCAptain Americas worst enemy came the Person and killed him. XCaptain America rises from his grave to destroy America. He goes to terriosts and they give him super strength.

Worst enemy Edit

Person is XCaptain Americas worst enemy. Person walked not hurting anyone. So XCaptain America puc hed him.(THis was in XCaptain Americas first apperance.

Death Edit

XCapatain America is rumored to be killed once and for all by The fantastic 800 in XCaptain America Movie 88.

Apperances Edit

XCaptain America made his first apperance in Terroist comics. Comics made by terroists. Then ca me the Revengers a group of people who wanted to destroy America. XCaptain America made the g roup. The revengers had a comic series Revengers Comics. Then the revengers movie where XCapt ain America was overthroughn. For 13 years CAptain America wandered to different comics. He then stole money from Americas government and got his own movie series XCaptain America movies.