Orgin Edit

The YMCA created men to help them takeover earth.

Members Edit

Dr. Wavier-He is able to become wavy, and make people have halluciations.

Phoenix-She was created in the fifth YMCA comics. Her power is to make peoples brains stop.

Paralyzer-Inject vemon from his clwas that make people paralyzed.

Wolverined-He can insert spikes in him which creates a bunch of small versions of him.

Puller-He has the power of pulling peoples hair out.

Poker Joker-He uses his mind to poke people, and drive people insane.

Biter-When ever anyone touches him or is close he bites. He can use nibble bite, eat bite, a nd chomp bite.

Apperances Edit

The YMCA men were first seen in YMCA comics. Then went to YMCA men comics. Then had a animated d series called YMCA men animated. Then a movie series called YMCA men movies. They also are in the Unmarvel war